ECS 4in1 Anti Skimming - Enhanced Card Security

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Click image for brochure

WINNER of BankNews’ Innovative Solution Award!

Best-in-Class Anti-Skimming Device for both Dip & Motorized Card Readers!

Dual Action Protection: Detection & Jamming!

A stand-alone solution compatible with all major OEM-ATM brands; NCR, Wincor, Diebold, Hyosung & Triton, etc. The ECS4-in-1 is also deployable on both Commercial & Retail Fuel Pumps as well as Ticketing Kiosks & other unattended Payment Terminals.


The ONLY stand-alone solution with photo-sensing detection technology (dual sensors).


Liability, reputation & brand damage aside, preventing a single skimming attack more than justifies using a premier anti-skimming solution.

Technical Product Details

DETECTION-Dual (Infrared+Ambient Light) Photo-Sensing Detection Technology makes ECS the most sophisticated anti-skimming device in the market today. The dual sensors detect foreign objects, sense light, reflection and movement and help with the self-calibration needed to avoid false alarms commonly associated with Electro-Magnetic sensors that pick up disturbances from cell phones, jewelry & other metal objects. ECS4-in-1 runs a 5-Cycle verification process to determine the presence of a potential skimmer, all while jamming & protecting the customer’s card data.

JAMMING-Instant Randomized Frequency Jamming upon detection of unknown object in or around the bezel. The randomized jamming signals scramble both the clock (timing) & the card data itself, thus incapacitating the card-reading capabilities of the skimmer. 

COMMUNICATION-Dry contacts relay to alarm panel with options for integrated (ECS) or third-party monitoring software & GSM (Mobile) functionality.

DATA LOGGING-Optionality for Device Status Logs.

Triton Anti-Skimming for Dip or Motorized Card Readers

A skimmer is malicious hardware attached to an ATM, cunningly hidden or camouflaged so it remains unnoticed, designed to capture card-holder data (such as a card’s magnetic stripe) for fraudulent use by a criminal at a later time. Reports of skimmers are ever increasing, and ATMs must be protected from these attacks.

Fortunately, Triton offers a new defense against this scourge, by using a new anti-skimming card reader.