ARCA CM-18 Solo +

Flexible and adaptable.


As ARCA’s most flexible recycler system, the CM18 Solo+ easily transitions to a variety of branch cash environments. The Solo+ adds a secure, locked teller cash drawer and pedestal base with rolled coin locker to a recycler. It’s designed for the individual user with additional functionality and adaptability.

Dual user TCRs are typically placed between two users and require removing existing teller dividers and renovating the teller counter. But the CM18 Solo+ can replace under counter steel without expensive physical modifications. It slides into the place of a teller drawer and coin locker for a quick cash recycler deployment.

Our innovative retrofit cash recycler is built on a proven, reliable cash recycling platform and geared towards the future of cash automation.

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Nautilus Hyosung MoniSafe 500A Teller Cash Recycler

The introduction of the Nautilus Hyosung MoniSafe 500A is a game changer in the market of Teller Cash Recyclers due to its Continuous Feed Input Module, Individual Dispense and Reject Slots - 200 Note Dispense Slot and 50 Note Reject Slot, Deposit 12 Notes Per Second, Dispense 12 Notes Per Second, Note Counting Only-20 Note Per Second, 6 Recycling Cassettes Plus 1 Overflow Cassette., External Transit Cassette and Self-Audit Capability. 

The MoniSafe 500A dramatically reduces branch start-of-day, end-of-day and balancing procedures. Tellers are ready to work immediately upon branch opening without time-consuming cash handling procedures. Real-time cash verification, auditing on every transaction and end-of day verification make closing procedures faster and more accurate. 

The MoniSafe 500A intelligent cassette storage technology allows for internal cassettes to be configured in different combinations, thus accommodating a wide range of branch cash models. Cassettes are interchangeable among other MoniSafe 500 cash recyclers and other Hyosung branch transformation terminals.

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ARCA CM-18 Teller Cash Recycler


Superior performance.

Quite possibly the most reliable cash recycler ever built.

For years the ARCA CM18 has been delivering tremendous value. Manual cash handling tasks are performed many times faster than a teller... without human error. 

Tellers are able to focus on great customer service while the CM18 does the busy work. The design and reliability has earned the CM18 an impressive reputation in the industry. It simply works.

It is the foundation of our proven, reliable cash recycler platform and still geared towards the future of cash automation.



ARCA CM-18 Evo


Intelligent and elegant.

Proven cash recycling performance with style.

The CM18 Evo is built upon the same CM18 platform banks and credit unions have relied on for years. This sleek machine includes an updated bill reader that more accurately detects counterfeits and significantly increases note acceptance which dramatically reduces transaction time.

The design presents a modern look and feel in your branch when paired with the CM18 Solo. The CM18 Evo frees your staff to deliver premium customer service by automatically counting, depositing and dispensing cash many times faster than a teller without human error.

Designed to adapt to a retail banking landscape that is in a constant state of change.



Magner Model 6300 Teller Cash Dispenser

Cashing checks is time consuming without the right Teller tools.
The answer can be as simple as a high capacity currency dispenser that maximizes teller productivity, enhances customer service, increases security, automates vault buys, and ensures accuracy.

Unsurpassed teller usability provides enhanced productivity and security that two tellers can use simultaneously. A Teller Cash Dispenser (TCD) will simplifiy cash transactions, reducing vault transactions and reduce balancing times. The TCD is easy to maintain and will improve customer satisfaction while reducing risk of robbery or potential loss.

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T-Flex™ Coin Dispenser

This device is simple to install and easy to train employees on, customers have told us that installing the T-Flex coin dispenser can save 10 to 15 seconds on each cash transaction. This means you’ll process more customers through the line faster.

Because the T-Flex coin dispenser automatically calculates the correct change through your teller system, teller errors are significantly reduced.

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