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Hyosung MoniSafe 500A


Hyosung MoniSafe 500A Teller Cash Recycler

The introduction of the Nautilus Hyosung MoniSafe 500A is a game changer in the market of Teller Cash Recyclers due to its Continuous Feed Input Module, Individual Dispense and Reject Slots – 200 Note Dispense Slot and 50 Note Reject Slot, Deposit 12 Notes Per Second, Dispense 12 Notes Per Second, Note Counting Only-20 Note Per Second, 6 Recycling Cassettes Plus 1 Overflow Cassette., External Transit Cassette and Self-Audit Capability. 


The MoniSafe 500A dramatically reduces branch start-of-day, end-of-day and balancing procedures. Tellers are ready to work immediately upon branch opening without time-consuming cash handling procedures. Real-time cash verification, auditing on every transaction and end-of day verification make closing procedures faster and more accurate. 


The MoniSafe 500A intelligent cassette storage technology allows for internal cassettes to be configured in different combinations, thus accommodating a wide range of branch cash models. Cassettes are interchangeable among other MoniSafe 500 cash recyclers and other Hyosung branch transformation terminals.

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