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Hardware Product | Retail Cash Management

Triton VersaSafe®

Why Triton VersaSafe®

The VersaSafe® is a remarkably fast, secure and accurate vault deposit system for cash-intensive businesses. It is the most intelligent means to track, store and balance multiple cash sales.

Don’t settle for a steel box that just learned to count. VersaSafe is manufactured in the United States by Triton, the trusted name in retail ATMs for over 30 years.

Merchant Benefits with VersaSafe

  • Spend less time counting cash and more time on the sales floor
  • Place the burden of personal safety in the hands of professionals
  • Optimize armored car service relationships
  • Reduce internal and external theft by securing cash quickly with fewer touch points
  • Automate the cash trail
  • Generate an audit trail with visibility at the clerk/cashier level
  • Faster access to cash
  • Remote real-time access to cash positions among multiple retail locations

Remote Capabilities

VersaSafe®, when used with VersaLink® remote monitoring software, is constantly examining transactions and events. It can report deposits and the status of each cassette anytime, using any web enabled device as well as your iPhone or Android smart phone. VersaLink® can also be set to notify your cash transit service for a pick up. VersaLink® will allow you to:

  • View cash levels, both validated and dropped, in order to optimize visits
  • View, print, and save personnel, shift, and end-of-day audits
  • Update VersaSafe software and bill validator firmware remotely
  • Manage user accounts and VersaSafe settings
  • Dispatch technicians via text message or e-mail notifications
  • Determine the overall health of the VersaSafe and individual components

If you already have a back office or monitoring system, Triton can develop an API to allow the VersaSafe to integrate seamlessly into your existing organizations. Equally, VersaLink can be developed to monitor your existing equipment.

Would you rather spend less time counting money and more time on the sales floor?  The VersaSafe will help automate the cash trail and increase productivity. You can quickly and accurately secure cash and dramatically reduce both internal and external theft, while optimizing armored car carrier visits.

The VersaSafe® can pay for itself in no time through these efficiencies and also via provisional credit. With provisional credit, once deposits are made into the smart safe, data is transmitted to the financial institution or armored car carrier. Then provisional credit is extended while the funds are still physically at the retailer, allowing much quicker access to the funds.


Dimensions: 28” h x 16” w x 22” d
Weight: 385 lbs.
Power: Input 85-264VAC, 50/60Hz

  • Two bill validators
  • (up to 2,200 note capacity each)
  • 7” Capacitive WVGA Touch Screen
  • 60mm thermal printer
  • Cash drop slot with anti-fishing design

OS: Microsoft™ Windows™ Compact 7


  • Heavy duty 1/2”-steel vault construction
  • UL291 level 1 rated
  • Electronic lock
  • Vault door relocks
  • Vault door switch alarm
  • 5 bolt floor anchoring
  • TCP/IP interface
  • VersaSafe Exclusive! Modular control head for easy, no-tools service!