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Jaguar Software Mirrorimage Merchant Capture

Jaguar Software Mirrorimage Merchant Capture

MirrorImage merchant check was designed to address the need for item capture and cash letter transmission at individual merchant locations. Utilizing a small check scanner like the Canon CR-190i or Panini MyVisionX the merchant check module transforms your current paper based check clearing process into an image-based proof and presentment workflow. The merchant check module enables you to process checks in a single pass, validate their authenticity and forward them to your financial institution for deposit-without a single paper check ever leaving your office. 

Mirrorimage Merchant

Our MirrorImage Check Imaging System is a sophisticated, modular and user-friendly software solution consisting of the following modules:

  • Image Capture/Branch Capture
  • Image Repair/Read & Key
  • Image POD
  • Image Research
  • Image Statements
  • Check 21
  • Image Archive/Distribution
  • Document Imaging
  • COLD
  • Merchant Check