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Hyosung 7 Series

Hyosung 7i

Full-Function, Island, Drive-Up ATM

Designed to provide unprecedented reliability, the 7i is unparalleled in the market. This island drive-up ATM can easily be upgraded from a cash dispenser to deposit automation and supports large volume transactions. It’s high uptime and minimum maintenance has helped make Hyosung the fastest growing ATM company. 


Innovative design and the use of Hyosung manufactured core technologies allows for fast, easy replenishment and reduced downtime. The 7I is designed to provide reliability that is unequaled in the market, with minimum maintenance and maximum uptime

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Hantle – 1705W

Hantle 1705W – Walk-up Indoor ATM

Raising the bar for Retail ATMs, the Hantle 1700W provides the all latest technologies and high end features in a modern, elegant design which includes an integrated topper sign. The 1700W integrates a host of features including a 7″ High-Resolution Color LCD supporting multiple custom screen advertisements. Communication options include 56K Modem or integrated Ethernet (SSL).


  • 7″ Wide Color Screen
  • Win CE
  • TCP/IP & SSL
  • Dial Lock
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Voice Guided Transactions
  • One Roll of Paper

Operating Specs

  • Temperature:·10°to 40°C / 50°to 104°F
  • Relative humidity:·20%to80% non-condensing
  • Power consumption:· 150 watts maximum

Available Options

  • 1000 Note or 1700 Note Currency Dispenser
  • Mini Bright Topper
  • E-Lock or Cencon Lock

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Hantle – T4000

Hantle – T4000

Hantle – T4000 Through-The-Wall ATM

The Hantle t4000 ATM provides an economical, high performance through-the-wall solution with the look and feel of an actual bank ATM. Designed and built with compact modular components, engineered for easy installation and reliable operation. The t4000 includes a host of high-end features including a 10.4″ Sun-Viewable Color LCD supporting custom screen advertisements and communication via 56K Modem or integrated Ethernet (SSL). The rear-service panel allows convenient and safe access for ATM Operators and Service personal.


Integrated Illuminated Topper creates high visibility and attracts customers

High-Bright Monitor 10.4 inch diagonal 32-bit color, backlit TFT LCD panel 800 x 600 SVGA resolution

ADA Accessible keypad layout, Voice guidance, Lighted action indicators

Keypad 16-key alphanumeric keypad, VISA/Interac PCI certified, Triple DES (TDES) compliant, Encrypting PIN pad (EPP)

Card Reader Manual insert (dip) magnetic card reader, EMV (optional)

Communication 56K dial-up modem or Ethernet (TCP/IP), On-board SSL Encryption

Printer 3 1/8” Thermal receipt printer, Can print custom graphics

Cash Dispenser Sliding cash dispensing unit for easy service, 1,000 note removable cassette

Security UL 291 Business Hour listed, Electronic lock, Cencon Lock (optional)

Triton ARGO

Triton ARGO Walk-up Indoor ATM

For over 30 years, Triton ATMs have set the standard in innovative cash-dispensing solutions. ARGO, the newest line of ATMs from Triton is no exception. ARGO features an updated, next-generation design with added elements of security, larger screens, and easier-to-read keypads or touchscreen options. New updated design features larger wings for added PIN security, improved dispenser security, touchscreen options, and blue LED-lighted keypad for easy-to-read transactions.


New updated design features larger wings for added PIN security, improved dispenser security, touchscreen options, and blue LED-lighted keypad for easy-to-read transactions.

  • Versatility
  • Five Models
  • Six Dispenser Options
  • 7” or 12” Screen Size
  • Integrated Topper
  • Lighted Keypad
  • Capacitive Touch Screens
  • e-Receipt Option
  • Security
  • EMV Ready
  • NFC Capable
  • TKM and MACing
  • Surveillance Camera Option
  • Skimming Protection
  • Shoulder Surfing Protection
  • Active display area: 12.1″ diagonal, TFT
  • Non-touch: ARGO 12.0 has capacitive touch function keys
  • LED Indicators
  • Security: Latest security and regulatory features available
  • Expanded Marketing: Larger screen means more room for marketing messages
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Resolution: 800×480
  • LED Indicators
  • Security: Latest security and regulatory features available
  • Eco-friendlyL printer-less model, reducing each machine’s carbon footprint and resulting in cost savings over the life of the machine.
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • e-Receipt sent via email or text
  • Marketing Daata
  • State-of-the-art

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Triton FT-ARGO

Triton FT-ARGO

Triton FT-ARGO – Drive-up Through-The-Wall ATM

The Triton FT ARGO delivers a versatile through-the-wall ATM that offers high performance for a surprisingly low investment. Triton’s long-time experience in producing innovative, high-quality ATMs has led to continuous development of this product focused on the financial institution market. What makes the TritonFT-ARGO most popular with banks and credit unions is its highly cost efficient operation. Financial institutions can place the FT-ARGO in a drive-up or walk-up setting and utilize two to four cassettes based on transaction volumes. The Microsoft Windows Compact 7.0 operating system and Triton’s X2 technology makes a long list of revenue-generating, added-value services possible. 



  • Thick Wall – Walk-Up and Drive-Up
  • Kiosk Wall – Drive-Up

Screen Options

  • 15” (381 mm) Touch Screen
  • Rear Service Panel with 7” Touch Screen Display

UL291 Certification

  • UL 291 Business Hours
  • Level 1 Option


  • 80mm with Printer Presenter


  • ADA Compliant
  • PCI 3.1 Compliant with Metal Keys
  • Triton Key Management Option

Card Reader

  • ICM 330 Dip EMV
  • K7 Motorized EMV Option
  • Dip Anti-Skimming Option


  • Glory™ NMD 100


  • 1 to 3
  • Up to 3,000 Notes Per Cassette


  • Electronic Standard
  • Kaba® Mas Cencon Option


  • TCP/IP with SSL Option
  • Dial Modem Option


  • Customizable LED Backlit Signage

Operating System

  • Microsoft® Windows® Compact 7
  • Triton Dynamic Language

Additional Features

  • Triton Connect Option
  • High Security Control Panel Lock Option

Dimension & Weight

  • Drive Up, Thin Wall 61.1 H x 22.6 W x 34.5 D
  • Drive Up, Thick Wall 61.1 H x 22.6 W x 40 D
  • Walk Up, Thick Wall 61.1 H x 22.6 W x 40 D
  • Weights 315lb – 724lb

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Hyosung – Halo II

Hyosung-Halo-II ATM

Hyosung – Halo II – Walk-up Indoor ATM

The HALO II provides the best value of any retail cash dispenser in the industry with added peace-of-mind from enhanced security features at an affordable price.  This new member of the Nautilus Hyosung retail family offers an improved UL 291 business hours safe with added break-in protection, an EMV card reader, a PCI 3.0 compliant keypad and secure communications protection using TLS (Transport Layer Security) transmission encryption.


The HALO II offers a unique, sleek design perfect for locations ranging from small convenience stores to high-end retail ATM locations.  Eye-catching, customizable color LED lighting around the keypad attracts more users to drive additional transactions and revenue to your bottom line.  Nautilus Hyosung’s intuitive application interface is presented on a vivid 10.1″ color LCD screen, and all user touch points (screen interface, keypad and cash exit) are positioned for optimal visibility and access.


System Control

  • Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0

Screen Display

  • 10.1 inch TIFT LCD

Card Reader

  • EMV Dip-Rype Card Reader

Cash Dispenser

  • 1,000-Note Drawer*
  • 1,000-Note Removable Cassette*
  • 2,000-Note Removable Cassette* Upgradeable to 2 cassettes for up to 4,000 note capacity

Input Type

  • 8 Function Keys
  • ADA Compliant
  • PCI Compliant EPP
  • RKT (optional)


  • TCP/IP, Wireless, Dial-up


  • UL291 Business Hours Safe
  • Electronic Lock
  • Cencon or S&G Lock (optional)


  • Thermal Line 3” Receipt Printer
  • Electronic Journal

Power Supply

  • AC 110–240V, 50–60 Hz

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C ( 32°F-104°F )
  • Humidity: 25%–85%

Dimension & Weight

  • Height: 54.2” (1,377mm)
  • Width: 15.7” (399mm)
  • Depth: 23.4” (594mm)
  • Weight: 265lbs. (120kg)

Additional Features

  • EPP Indicator
  • Lead-Through Indicator
  • Earphone Jack
  • NFC Reader (optional)
  • Digital Receipt
  • Supports 6 Languages: English,
  • Spanish, French, Japanese,
  • Chinese, Korean
  • Enhanced Standard 1 Emulation
    • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
    • Donations Transaction
    • Decimal Point Percentage Surcharge
  • TLS Protocol Communication

Subject to note quality and other variables

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Hyosung – 2800se Force

Hyosung 2800 Force ATM

Hyosung – 2800se Force – Walk-up Indoor ATM

The NH-2800se Force is the most advanced, next generation ATM for the retail market. The 2800se is designed to provide 2nd to none reliability in the retail market locations with highest uptime and with minimum maintenance needs. The NH-2800se is designed with open architecture platform allowing for easy future upgrades and module modifications. Modular design is one of ways in which we are trying to save our customers’ cost and provide maximum convenience.


User Experience

The brilliant 12.1-inch color display has capacitive touch function keys and a more elegant user interface. The integrated topper now has a brightness control (high, medium, and low) allowing the FORCE to be customized to any environment, from bright C-stores to dark nightclubs. Arrows at the card and receipt slots light up to direct the user to those areas. All with a 6K note capacity.


System Control

  • Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0 platform


  • TCP/IP, Wireless, Dial-up

Input Type

  • 4×2 function keys
  • PCI compliant EPP, T-DES, DES, RSA


UL 291 Business hours safe

  • UL 291 Level 1 safe (option)
  • Electronic combination lock
  • Security camera
  • EPP privacy shield

Card Reader

  • Dip hybrid card reader
  • EMV level 1, 2 compliant
  • Anti-skimming (optional)

Cash Dispenser

  • 1,000 notes cassette
  • 3,000 notes cassette ((up to 3)


  • 80mm Graphical thermal receipt printer

Additional Features

  • Lead-through indicator
  • Audio jack
  • Speaker
  • NFC reader (option)

Power Supply

  • AC 110–240V, 50–60 Hz

Environmental Conditions

  • Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C ( 32°F-104°F )
  • Humidity: 25%–85%

Dimension & Weight

  • Height: 1,433mm (56.4″)
  • Width: 400mm (15.7″)
  • Depth: 585mm (23.0″)
  • Weight: 130kg ( 286.6 lbs)

Internal components may change with the introduction of new technology.

Hyosung – 5600

Hyosung 5600 ATM

Hyosung – 5600 – Walk-up Indoor ATM

Monimax 5600 features superior and reliable performance with various functions including cash withdrawal, card retraction, receipt printing and dot-matrix Journal printing or electronic journal. Its modular design especially guarantees convenient maintenance with unit replacement, and enables Monimax 5600 to be adjusted according to the all the requirements customers may need. Its superior Cash Dispensing Unit reduces transaction time and minimizes downtime. Monimax 5600 handles 4 cassettes for maximum capacity and 4 denominations that suit the need of every market.


Maximum Reliability

Monimax 5600 is designed to provide 2nd to none reliability in the market with highest uptime and with minimum maintenance needs. You won’t have to worry about replacing the parts or sudden breakdowns because the Monimax 5600 is designed to run for a very long time, problem-free.


System Control

  • Intel® processor
  • Microsoft®Windows®7 platform
  • NDC+, User Application


  • TCP/IP

Customer Display

  • 15″ color TFT LCD
  • Sunlight readable w/touch screen
  • Privacy filter (optional)
  • Touch screen (optional)

Input Type

  • 4×2 function keys (optional)
  • PCI EPP (Encrypting PIN Pad)
  • ADA compliant

Card Handling

  • Dip-type card reader
  • Anti-skimming (optional)

Cash Dispensing

  • 3,000-notes cassette (up to 5 cassettes)
  • Bundle retraction
  • Automatic shutter


  • 3.1″ graphical thermal receipt printer
  • Electric journal
  • 5,000 transaction


  • UL 291 Level 1 safe
  • Electronic safe lock
  • Optional
    • KABA Mas Cencon lock
    • Security Camera


  • Lead-through indicator
  • VFD – Vacuum Fluorescent Display (optional)

Power Supply

  • AC 110–240V, 50–60 Hz
  • Back-up battery

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: -31ºF–104ºF
  • Humidity: 25%–85% (optional)

Dimension & Weight

  • Height : 59.3″ (1505 mm)
  • Width : 18.5″ (470 mm)
  • Depth : 29.9″ (760 mm)
  • Weight : 1093 lbs (495 kg) (Level 1 Safe)

Internal components may change with the introduction of new technology.
Nautilus Hyosung reserves the right to change the specifications of this ATM to accommodate the changes in technology.