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Cummins Allison – JetScan iFX i200

Cummins Allison – JetScan iFX i200 Currency and Check Processor

Faster currency processing plus imaging on one device.

The JetScan iFX i200 currency counter and scanner offers 20% faster currency processing with 2 fully functional pockets for increased productivity. Count, image, sort and face mixed currency at an industry-leading speed of 1,200 notes per minute. Minimize the time employees spend counting cash using the fastest two-pocket currency counting machine available.


Two Configurable Pockets:
Two fully functional pockets each hold up to 200 bills. Target notes can be assigned to either pocket and both pockets can be fully utilized for
strapping and sorting.

Touch Panel Display:
4.3″ color touch-screen display is easy to see and use.

Four Levels of Memory:
Keep separate totals for: Sub-Batches, Batches, Day Totals and Strap Limits.

Unit/Value Display:
Totals can be shown as dollar value or
unit counts.

Adjustable Strap Stops:
Separate strap stop limits for each

Allows currency to be counted or
recounted without changing day

Add Function:
For cumulative counting when desired.

Hi-Speed USB, RS232, Ethernet Device.

Operating System:
Windows CE.

42lbs (approx).

Feeder Type:
Automatic feeder with auto-sensing document detection.

High-volume straight-through transport path.

Exit Pocket Max Capacity:
200 documents.

Document Size:
Height: 2.41″ to 3.75″
Length: 4.5″ to 8.75″

105-253 VAC, automatic switching; 50/60 Hz; FLA: 2A/1A. Customer must provide a single-phase, dedicated power line that meets the machine’s power rating(s). Use a properly
grounded circuit breaker in compliance
with applicable local electrical code.