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Cummins Allison – Model 1000

Cummins Allison – Model 1000 Coin Sorter/Counter

The JetSort 1000 is a compact, versatile and reliable commercial coin counter for small business coin counting and sorting operations. 

While small in size, its robust technology is fully featured, providing a wide variety of advanced options. Integrate the JetSort 1000 coin sorter with a JetScan currency counter, printer or computer to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Model Features

Easy Access Coin Drawers – Coin drawers are conveniently located at the front of the machine, allowing for the unit to be used in the smallest of spaces.

Large Control Keys – Easy-to-understand, big buttons make the JetSort® 1000 simple enough for anyone to use.

LCD Display – Clear, easy-to-read display panel helps keep track of coin totals and current operating status.

Built-In Lift Tray – Forward tilt coin tray allows quick and easy coin feeding with either hand and without requiring space on either side of the unit.

Options and Accessories

Coin Boxes and Bag Adapters – Collect sorted coins in boxes (for lower volumes) and bags (for higher volumes).

Adjustable Tabletop Stand – Raises the JetSort to allow for safe and convenient coin bag operation.

Communications – Connects the JetSort to a printer, computer, remote display or a
JetScan™ or JetCount® currency processor.

Coin Packaging Adapter – Allows coins to be packaged into coin tubes.

Floor Stand – Allows for the JetSort 1000 to be placed anywhere for convenient

Security Door – For use with the floor stand. Provides security for up to four bag
adapters on the JetSort 1000.

Magnet – Helps cull ferrous metal debris.