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Cummins Allison – Money Machine

Cummins Allison – Money Machine, Self Service Coin Sorter/Counter

With its ease of use, super fast coin counting and dependable operation, the Money Machine self- service coin counter delivers excellent ROI while helping increase traffic to your business. Draw new customers and increase the frequency of return visits. Put immediate cash in customers hands – reduce waiting in service lines. 

Increase back office efficiency by balancing till and cash drawer coins. Reduce expenses with coin recycling and improve ROI and competitive advantage by setting the fee your non-customer pays.


Coins Sorted: 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c and $1

Sorting Speed: Over 4,100 coins per minute

Sorting Accuracy: 99.995+%

Input Tray: Gravity flow tray with magnets

Bin unit: Up to 70,000 mixed coins
Dual bin unit: up to 140,000 mixed coins (combined capacity of two bins)

16-mixed bag units: up to 80,000 coins total

16 sorted bag units: up to 78,000 coins, total
High-volume full Federal Reserve-size bags
16-bag: 6 penny, 2 nickel, 2 dime, 4 quarter,
1 half dollar, 1 dollar

*The Money Machine can accommodate either 6 bags for pennies OR 6 bags for quarters. No models are available with both 6 penny bags AND 6 quarter bags.

Approximate Dimensions:
27″ W x 29″ D x 56″ H (80″ high with optional signage & backlit header)