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Hardware Product | Drive-up Teller

Pneumatic Tube Systems by Fortis

RT Upsend Tube System

Fortis was a complete line of pneumatic systems, the most popular unit – Includes fully integrated audio and video. The 5000RT features a small footprint for new or replacement installations, dual customer buttons for varying vehicle sizes and twin turbines in the customer unit for high performance.
The stainless steel and high impact enamel cabinet finish provide a polished appearance while the integrated soft landing feature extends carrier life, and extends product lifecycle.
Systems can be configured for manual teller or automatic teller options.

Key Features

OptionsPopular Accessories
Audio OnlyHeater Kit
1-way videoTruck Base
2-way videoQuad Turbine
Teller Alert System


Customer Unit Dimensions:


Automatic Teller Unit Dimensions:


Automatic Teller Requires 15AMP Outlet

Manual Teller Unit Dimensions:


No Electrical Service Required for Manual Teller

System Electrical Requirements:

ConduitSystem VoltageElectrical Service
1/2″120V20 AMP

Quad Turbine Systems Require 30 AMP Service