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Atec LTA-380 TCR

Atec LTA - 380 TCR

Unmatched performance

A teller-friendly solution that delivers optimal efficiency, convenience and security – all while allowing you to build better relationships with your customers. The LTA-380 can elevate service levels and increase profitability at the same time.

  • Up to 12 notes per second
  • Up to 16,250 notes dispensed/12,000 recyclable
  • True split cassette capability allowing for up to 6 recycling cassettes
  • Continuous feed for efficient transactions

Keeping your TCR in Tip-Top operating condition – Weekly Cleaning Video

T-Flex Coin Dispenser

T-Flex Coin Dispenser

This device is simple to install and easy to train employees on, customers have told us that installing the T-Flex coin dispenser can save 10 to 15 seconds on each cash transaction. This means you’ll process more customers through the line faster.

Because the T-Flex coin dispenser automatically calculates the correct change through your teller system, teller errors are significantly reduced.

Faster Speed of Service

  • Saves up to 8 seconds per transaction
  • Dispenses change in under 2 seconds
  • Service more customers during peak periods
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Speed cup optimizes drive thru operations

Extremely Reliable

  • Virtually maintenance free

Always Accurate

  • Accurate change – instantly

More Efficient Operations

  • Reduces the need for coin replenishment
  • Faster shift changeover

Safeguards Against Shrink

  • All transactions must go through the Point of Sale unit to dispense change
  • Reduces shortages
  • Coin is locked in the canister
  • Canister can be bolted to the counter


Coin Capacity – Coin canister holds up to $111.42 (USD)
Transaction Capacity – Filled canister supports over 200 cash transactions (US)
Dispense Options – Minimum dispense or even depletion
Dispense Speed – Dispenses change in under 2 second
Size – 9¾” W X 6 1/2” D X 14 ½” H with canister; base only
Weight – 11.25 Lbs. with canister unloaded
Power – 32Volt DC, 4 Amps. Max
External Power Supply – 120 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 32 VDC
Worldwide Support – Support a variety of currencies, including US, Canada,
UK, Euro, and many more

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CIMA Platino

CIMA Platino

CIMA Platine TCR

Back Office Retail Cash Solution

PLATINO is CIMA’s medium to high capacity back-office note and coin recycling solution for retailers or venues with higher note and lower coin requirements. Made up of our AST7008S note recycler + CDS803 coin recycler, the PLATINO solution is affordable with all the functionality you would expect from a complete back office cash recycling solution. Driven by our flexible CAOS device operating system, retailers can customize how the system works specifically in their environments.

The AST7008S note recycler utilizes 8 x roll storage modules (RSM) for recycling.  Each RSM can hold up to 500 notes of a single denomination making it ideal for stores or environments where note and coin volumes are high.  The number of RSMs makes the configurability of the note recycler very flexible.  There are 8 x RSMs providing a total recycling capacity of up to 4,000 notes. The AST7008S has a unique self-sealing, stacking bag system for up to 3,000 surplus notes.  This eliminates the need for cassettes and allows CIT operators to pick up cash quickly without having to open cassettes in-store. 


  • Customize till floats and denomination mixes specifically for user types
  • Eliminate manual till preparation. Quick and automatic till dispense.
  • Fast and easy end of day cash up process. Simply pour coins into the try and stack notes into the note feeder.
  • Reduce errors by automating the dispense and deposit process
  • Recycling reduces overall store cash requirements
  • Reduce shrink with quick reconciliation to third party applications

Hyosung MoniSafe 500A


Hyosung MoniSafe 500A Teller Cash Recycler

The introduction of the Nautilus Hyosung MoniSafe 500A is a game changer in the market of Teller Cash Recyclers due to its Continuous Feed Input Module, Individual Dispense and Reject Slots – 200 Note Dispense Slot and 50 Note Reject Slot, Deposit 12 Notes Per Second, Dispense 12 Notes Per Second, Note Counting Only-20 Note Per Second, 6 Recycling Cassettes Plus 1 Overflow Cassette., External Transit Cassette and Self-Audit Capability. 


The MoniSafe 500A dramatically reduces branch start-of-day, end-of-day and balancing procedures. Tellers are ready to work immediately upon branch opening without time-consuming cash handling procedures. Real-time cash verification, auditing on every transaction and end-of day verification make closing procedures faster and more accurate. 


The MoniSafe 500A intelligent cassette storage technology allows for internal cassettes to be configured in different combinations, thus accommodating a wide range of branch cash models. Cassettes are interchangeable among other MoniSafe 500 cash recyclers and other Hyosung branch transformation terminals.

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