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Cummins Allison – Money Machine

With its ease of use, super fast coin counting and dependable operation, the Money Machine self- service coin counter delivers excellent ROI while helping increase traffic to your business. Draw new customers and increase the frequency of return visits. Put immediate cash in customers hands - no waiting in service lines. 

Cummins Allison – Model 6000

Especially designed for coin-intensive businesses, the JetSort 6000 high-volume coin sorter is fast, reliable and durable. Designed to process 10,000 dimes a minute with 99.995% sorting accuracy, this fast and efficient commercial coin counter and sorter is warranted to 50 million coins. Maximize efficiency with dual bags for high-volume denominations. Improve flexibility with rich features and options designed for your changing business needs.

Cummins Allison – Model 4000

The JetSort 4000 commercial coin counter processes coins at speeds up to 4,500 coins per minute. Coins are collected in six high-volume bags for coin-intensive businesses. A small footprint floor model, the JetSort 4000 provides an illuminated touch-screen display for easy navigation. Counting and sorting can include up to eight coins, including custom coins and tokens.

Cummins JetSort 2000

Cummins Allison – Model 2000

JetSort 2000 is a quick tabletop commercial coin counting machine, processing up to 3,600 coins per minute. Fast enough to process high daily volumes, the robust technology provides a variety of advanced options including a floor stand, bagging and printing capabilities. Integrate the JetSort coin sorter with a JetScan currency counter, printer or computer to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Cummins Allison model 1000 coin sorter/counter

Cummins Allison – Model 1000

The JetSort 1000 is a compact, versatile and reliable commercial coin counter for small business coin counting and sorting operations. While small in size, its robust technology is fully featured, providing a wide variety of advanced options. Integrate the JetSort 1000 coin sorter with a JetScan currency counter, printer or computer to maximize productivity and efficiency.